Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miles O'Keeffe

Miles O'Keeffe, best known for his film with Bo Derek, Tarzan. Gorgeous man. chiseled 80s hunk. what a bod!


  1. What a fucking glorious, glorious body...Nobody can deny his body. Man, woman, dog, priest - you've got to flip over this guy's body. To quote John Derek in Playboy...

  2. I hired an 18 year old neighbor kid who looks just like O'Keefe, face and body, to do yard work. He was a high school basketball jock. Big mistake. He was too much temptation for my very attractive 43 year old wife, now ex. He was fucking her whenever I was at work. The punk sure showed me he was the alpha male. She was knocked up with his twin babies within a month of hire