Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hot in Versace

Trevor Donovan in white speedos. Yasss

such a beautiful man. follow him on instagram for regular posts of him lookin' hot and all kinds of sexaaay

Michael Bergin TBTs. BW nudes.

Michael Bergin strutted down the catwalk in the 90s and into my heart back in the dazay. I've loved him for so long for so many reasons, just don't know where to begin. So perfect looking, such a nice guy, such a funny guy, such a fit as fk guy.... dang that body. and face. sigh... eternal love for Bergin

Dolph Lundgren in speedos, short shorts!

Dolph Lundgren was a thing of beauty in the 80s. so perfect. Arian demi God. gorgeous. fit as fk.