Sunday, August 18, 2019

American supermodel takes it off

hottie Tyler Lough in an ad - damn that body. wow that butt. Been dreaming about Tyler Lough naked for years. lol

Did you know Patrick Warburton was a stone cold fox?!

um. i was today old when I realised that actor and funny man Patrick Warburton was a former male model - and could rock a speedo and chest hair like nobody's biz. damn he was cute and fit and hottttt wowsa.

Albert Reed model and reality TV hunk in briefs

cute. fit. damn that body. sexy model turned reality tv star Albert Reed

Hunk. Pool. dog. Red Speedos. Muscles.

so what grabbed your eye first? red speedos. yasssss. also doggy. 

Christian Hogue - the early years

Christian Hogue in his underwear.

From the early days to his latest pics - this hot hot hot male supermodel from the US is fit as fkkkk.

Dayummmnnnn that body!

Update: lols. we got a note from a fan who said we won't find a pic of him in speedos 'cause the boy has a package that won't fit into speedos. lol

we've seen the leaked pics! ;0) we believe!! hot hot hottttie!