Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adam Senn: Model cum Actor from Hit the Floor

Have loved Adam Senn for years. Gorgeous guy, amazing face, and that bod. whoaa. AND to top it all, he's a fine actor. Watch him on Hit the Floor. His pants hit the floor often too - model man is not shy of droppin' trou in the hot smart sexy series.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jason Lewis naked in Bed - The SATC Absolut Hunk

oh. we saw a pic of Jason Lewis at the beach and not that we're one to body shame - side eye - but whoa nelly. once the most beautiful man on earth, my how gravity be rude. but remembering him from his sex and the city days when he was beyond beautiful. and not shy! but mind you very few shots of him in briefs and speedos out there. if you have. do send us.

Dante Spencer in Red bikini / speedo thing

gorgeous swirly model Dante Spencer in bikini, speedo, shots from a catalogue shoot. also from international male and So hot. loved him forever. still love him.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Throwback to this DWTS Hunk in N2N Bodywear

oh my. remember this gorgeous guy from dancing with the stars? found these pics on an n2n bodywear fan site. he was the catalogue model. he also went on to do a j lo video.I'm into you. yeah. hell yeah.  hot. cute. hot. whoaa bulge. vpl. and more. hot.

Friday, October 21, 2016

TV Hunks in the Beach in Speedos

Braden Brunick in white briefs Ab-tastic

So we used to crush on this fella for ages. Still do. Just found this pic randomly online.

Male model Braden Brunick aka Braden Brunik. (both spellings can be found online). Here he is as a Ralph Lauren underwear model.

 Er we also have a fan group dedicated to him at
Oh yes. its that sad. ;)  And deep.  Love those abs and that u shape leading towards the forbidden zone.. yaassss. so many yeses.

PS: Check out other International Male and Undergear hunks at this cool and ever growing site

Michael Bergin in black briefs

Since his CK modeling days, then that black speedo clad run in Baywatch, gorgeous Michael Bergin has been on our radar forevaaaa. He's gorgeous, one of the nicest guys in the industry, did I say gorgeous? Still got it. DILF. hotness. So yummy in black bulging bikini briefs. hot hot hotness.