Friday, July 29, 2016

French Male Model Nabil Taleb

Nabil Taleb is our current crush. French male model. cute as hell. hot hot body. he looks amazing with the facial hair. without it he looks super dorky don't ask y. but with it. he's pure sex. beefy and hot. the body's amazing. we still haven't found shots of him in speedos but we waiting. until then, here he is in briefs. hot. hot.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Marco Dapper's back. Hotter than Ever

older, wiser, hotter. Marco Dapper's back baby. pics found online. omg. so hot still. dilf. tots.

Channing Tatum's Most Homoerotic shoot. Ever.

so found these online. year was 2002. uber hottie Channing Tatum was a model. not shy. not a homophone. clearly. these sexy snaps for Out mag. we love. topless. greased up and in jhorts. what's not to like. oh the other mod bulge.. yaaaassss...

wonder if there are any other piss from this series "out" there? hint hint??

Josh Duhamel in Speedos

pre fergie, the acting career, gorgeous Josh Duhamel was of course a model. here, modeling speedos. as god intended. hot. gorgeous. cute. fit. wow. Hot actors in speedos are such a joyful thing.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Ryan Reynolds in a thong. Seriously.

Ryan Reynolds we love more than ever after Deadpool. throwback to this screengrab of sexy sexy Ryan Reynolds. there's this notion that men in thongs is just plain funny. in the movie, this scene was. but when you pause... its just freakin' hot. so hot. soooo hot. that body has always been tiiiiiite.

The Nies Brothers in their Undies

John Nies and Eric Nies in their underwear. why? cause there's a god.