Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The parade of Speedos in Batte of the Network Stars

for this walk down memory lane, with a stiffy, oh em g, the cutest fittest guys on tv from the 70s and 80s, rocking their speedos, the hottest hunks of Hollywood in tiny little nothings. love love love 'em all.

if only they did this now! how hot.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our all time fav male model Tyler Lough

just a moment to melt our heart. gorgeous super male model

Tv hunk in speedos then, and now.

hmm. ok. TV hunk, tv icon, Lorenzo Lamas in speedos and shorts. Then and now. he was an uber hottie back in the day!

Soaphunks in Speedos

hot tv hunks in speedos from the 80s. whats not to like?!

jean claude van damme in a jockstrap and jeans

80s hottie. still fit but a bit... hmm. cuckooish. jean claude van damme in a jockstrap from the early days. loads of pics of him in speedos and briefs in the archive. click on his name tag below to see more.

Rob Lowe in a jockstrap

considering he's an early 80s, late 70s star, isn't it shocking there are no shots of this uber hottie (who is still breathtakingly beautiful) in speedos? only shot of him in jockstrap. hot. cute. but he can STILL pose in speedos for us at this age cause dayumn he's hot.

Soaphunk model in speedos

Maxwell Zagorski is one hella hot cute guy. male model, appeared on a soap, cute, fit, rckin' those wet speedos with clear vpl (cut!), hot. and the brief shots from castings. whoaa. hot. hot hot