Monday, May 30, 2016

Is this really Channing Tatum in bikini briefs?

hmm. i dunno. bu hot pic. hot guy

Calvin Harris in briefs

ok, so apparently he wears board shorts at the beach but good lord, he does have a speedo body doesn't he? the brief shot sells it. hot. sexy Calvin Harris in briefs.

Ricky Martin in Speedos

I... don't know. yes the body looks good. he's cute but... isn't there something very asexual about Ricky Martin? meh. maybe its just us. but for fans of ricky, here is the musician in speedos.

Zac Effron in a wrestling Singlet is everything. vpl

all i'm saying is Zac Effron better don some black speedos like all the other hunks of Baywatch on tv did. but until then, here's his hotness in a wrestling singlet. vpl. hot. hot hottttttttt. all pics found online. so don't come after me good people

French model Nabil Taleb in his briefs

Nabil Taleb is a fine specimen of a man. mixed race - we believe - the sweetest guy. gorgeous. looks amazing with the facial hair (oddly, not so hot without it - see his fb!). loving this sexy series of shots he's posted online. all hot male models need to do an underwear series. hot

Nick Youngquest in underwear, speedos

I can't believe this is our first post of Nick Youngquest. So this sports hunk turned model is... um perfect. we are not loving the tattoos. But my he's pretty. fit. pretty fit. hot. Thank God for tumblr where we found alllll these pics. yumm. wowsa.