Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tyler Lough

 There isn't enough time or energy to tell ya how much we adore Tyler Lough. Currently the most perfect lookin' male models with the most perfect body. We stalk and international just to see him. often.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rib Hillis

Rib Hillis in speedos! wow body. yellow speedo shots from his brief stint on Baywatch. and the others from the funny/hot jenny craig ads. 

Michael Bergin

Michael Bergin

Sunday, December 9, 2012

David Chokachi


despite the hottie overdose on Baywatch, David Chokachi remains a firm FIRM favorite. damnn look at that body

Jeremy Jackson

 Jeremy Jackson. er... too buff? he was so cute in his little speedos on Baywatch back in the 90s. now, bloated... well, over-gym'd and nude here...


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rick Tan

 Gorgeous Asian male model turned TV star, vj, Rick Tan. Rick Tan in speedos, briefs from the past and present. Rare images from his modeling portfolio. Many in Asia will know of that face as he was a Channel V VJ for years in the early '90s.

Rick Tan is officially the most beautiful Asian man we've ever met in Hong Kong. He's aging so well and he's still fit as fk. God look at that body now!

He's super kind, super cute and super fun. We're just mad for him. He was gorgeous when he was young(er!), he's still hot. love it.

Years ago, we met him on a double-decker bus between Causeway Bay and Happy Valley. He was wearing a bicep-revealing T, he was ripped. Flawless skin, easy smile. He was like an Asian Marcus Schenkenberg... supermodel. So stunning we couldn't speak to him but furtively gave glances. Era before the iphone or we would have taken 1000  of snaps!! If only!

We're still super hot for him. Please wear less and pose more Rick!!