Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Who needs speedos?

british boy band with no speedos on by the pool. love the UK that straight guys still wear speedos there. well straight-ish.

Tyler Lough

as the archives indicate, we've been crushing on American model Tyler Lough for eons. he's so cute. fit. those abs. that lean and maen body is just whoaaaa. here he is in boxerbriefs and briefs. hot.

Julian McMahon

tv hunk in speedos. Julian McMahon in speedos. green speedos no less. so hot. sooooo hot

John Barrowman

john barrowman and scott gill in their underwear! how hot. to take off their pants at a press conf? on whatever this is/was...

Jesse Metcalfe

ok, so technically this isn't Jesse Metcalfe in speedos. but in whiet briefs. but damn he looks sooo hot and i guess as speedo wearing peters out, we'll have to settle for celebrities in briefs and imagine the speedo... sigh. hottie ain't he? love the beard too

John Travolta

John Travolta in speedos. from this early tv days. he was so cute and so hot. and love the hint of pubes as he's pulling down the speedos.

Willie Aames

Willie Aames in speedos. tv hunks in speedos. celebrities in speedos. hot. so hot.

Trevor Donovan and other male models in speedos

ooh for this hot shot, here's super sexy tv hunk Trevor Donovan (during his modeling days) with nd other male models in speedos with Terri Hatcher (who we love). great pic eh? we need more tv hunks in speedos.

Eric Nies' bro John Nies

John Nies (MTV hottie Eric Nies' hot bro) as a model for Undergear with other hotties. wowsa. what a body he had.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Taylor Kinney

So i'm randomly going over images online and bammmm. find this uber sexy series of shots of Taylor Kinney. hollyyyy fkballs. how hot is he? that face. those abs. the pubes. the low-rise boxerbriefs. jeans... omfg. love the net. for the random finds. cute as hell, we are 'gaga' for him. lolz. bless the www

Cute guy twerking in speedos

how cute! Cute guy twerking in speedos at the beach. fun. funny. HOT!! what a body and butt.

Ben Bowers

Ben Bowers is so cute! esp in white briefs... speedos. thing.

Reality TV and TV hunks in Speedos

Reality TV hunks and TV stars in Speedos!! so hot. so cute. so buff!

Monday, April 6, 2015

TV Hunks in Speedos

um wow. David Chockachi, Antonio Sabato Jnr and other tv hunks in their speedos. need we more reason to watch? wait, is that even English? we at a loss for words. and syntax. tv hotties galore. love