Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carl Graham

we been crushing on sexy British model based in KL Carl Graham for years. he just gets hotter. esp while rockin' those speedos/micro-mini-shorts!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Male Model in Speedos

Forgot the name of this hottie. he's appeared on fantastics mag online in a sexy spread. and in j lo's video i love you papi. hot. that bubble butt is everyyyyyyyyyyyything. whoa.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Celebrities in Briefs

Celebrities in their underwear. Esp in their briefs. hot. sooo hot

Bryce Eilenberg

Bryce Eilenberg. cute Brit hunk.. i think. reality tv star. wow that body and bulge. and love the david beckham pose. all hot guys esp hot Brit guys should do a shoot like that. well fit. 

Chris Pine

aaaughhhhgh. chances of finding pics of Chris Pine in speedos would be rare. unless he does like an 80s retro movie or something. anyhoo. here's Chris Pine in his underwear. hot shots in bulging boxer-briefs. cute and hot. sooo hotttt

Joel McHale

Joel McHale. they say funny is sexy but Joel McHale is really, really sexy. tall as hell. funny and omg who knew he had this rockin' body??? cute. sooo cute. ab-tastic too. hot hottt.

Joss Mooney

gorgeous Joss Mooney in his underwear. sexy black briefs. hot mod. and reality tv star. so cute. and love the sexy shirtless pantless selfies.

Robert Buckley

Robert Buckley in briefs and robe. he's so cute. such an amazing body - and rumours are one of the nicest guys in the biz. which is rare. if they are hot and cute... they are rarely nice. god bless him. TV hunks don't really wear speedos much these days so briefs it is...

John Kenny

Reality tv hunk John Kenny - who was in Survivor Vanautu - is officially a top model. and omg gorgeous. serious vpl. fab abs. that bulge. those briefs. hotness. sexy John will pop up often here.

Colin Farrell in black speedos!

this sexy Irish - ooooh that accent - caught in black speedos. wowsa. hot. cute. fit. did we mention the accent?!

Chris Williamson

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model turned reality tv star (er do we see a hot trend?!) in his underwear at the beach. whoaaa that body. and that face. hot. hottt. UK TV star and uber hunk.

Reality TV Hunk in Speedos

British hunk Joshua Ritchie in black speedos. cute. nice eyes. great body. Unlike American counterparts, British hunks are not shy of dropping trou and showing off their speedo-clad bodies. hot

Mario Lopez in speedos

tv hottie Mario Lopez in black speedos. what a body. he's always had an amazing hot bod - it just got better with age. hot. cute. wowsa.


its so good to see celebs in speedos. esp when its 80s hottie Sting in string black bikini speedo thing. hot

Marky Mark drops trou'

aaah Marky Mark from the good ol' days. dayum he was hot shit. stripping down during a calvin klein show. such grand memoreis. hot hot hotttt