Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sexy at any age: Rib Hillis and his hot hot abs

Rib Hillis has been a fav or ours for ages. since he appeared on Baywatch, back in the day. He's just done this shoot for a site we stalk - - ain't he gorgeous still?! with that hint of pubes, such a hot series of pics. we love it. 

Jeff Kasser in white briefs

another gorgeous male model, Jeff Kasser. hot

Carl Graham in Underwear Speedos and Less

On a random nostalgic google, we found more pics of British male model based in Asia Carl Graham in briefs, boxers, and little other nothings. We heart him. he's so cute. so hot. and that accent. just so many yaaaassss 's ! hot. hot. hottt. Carl! pls send us more pics! Carl Graham and other male models, celebrities in speedos only here!

Adam Rickitt in Black Speedos - still got it!

Adam Rickitt is on instagram!! And yes, still hot as fk! Do follow him and hopefully he'll post more of his sensational abs. And the surprise butt shots. Here he is lounging in black speedos. and droppin' trou' showing off his tan - hot bum and all!

Adam! we still heart you, you 90s heartthrob! You eternal heartthrob!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Model in White briefs

Eric Nies Workout

Growing up int he 90s, Eric Nies was my life back in the day. cute. sweet. funny. great moves. he was my world. sigh... wonder what he's upto now. planning to work out to this all week.

we have some more pics of him in the archive - click on tag below. Eric Nies  - if you ever read this, you have no idea what you meant to us growing up. you were 'the' hot guy to be inspiration for a generation. fit as fk, that body was insane. so much love.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jack Scalia in Black Speedos

talk about fat free. lean and mean, fit as hell, sexy Jack Scalia in black speedos. hottie from the 80s. there are few hunks today who have this good a body. whoaa nelly

John Travolta in white Speedos

John Travolta in white Speedos. he was so hot. so fit. so cute. loved him. 

Dynasty star John James in Speedos

Dynasty star John James in Speedos. He was so beautiful.

Mark Harmon in Blue Speedos

Mark Harmon in Blue Speedos from the 80s. we used to - and still do - die for his gorgeous man. sexiest man alive in the 80s.

Actors in speedos. TV hunk in speedos. bless his socks. and whoaa that body. and face