Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hot, Hot Miami Male Models in Tiny Tiny Trunks

Andrew Stevens in Speedos

Hunks in Trunks

Chayanne in bikini

Chayanne, international hunk in tiny bikini on TV show. fit fit bod

Soap Hunk in Black Speedos

Rusty Joiner in Black Speedos Hot Male Model

TV Hunk in Speedos Daniel Macpherson in blue speedos

TV Hunks: Home and Away hunk in black speedos

Baywatch Hunks in Black Speedos

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Soap Hunk: Victor Webster in Black Speedos

have seen this a million times and can watch a million more. one of the most gorgeous men alive, hunky hunk, soap Hunk Victor Webster in Black Speedos

Monday, February 6, 2017

Actors, Singers, Models in Speedos over the years

Actors, Singers, Models in Speedos over the years
Jean Claude Van Damme in a jock strap. Now we had seen these images before but thought they were fake... but someone has posted the clear scans and series online and holy cow! it really is hottie... well, former hottie Jean Claude Van Damme in a jockstrap. plus other pics of his famous fine ass. of course.

Zac Effron in speedos in Baywatch cause there is a God

Just a long history of hot body shots of hottie Zac Effron. We never thought we'd see Zac in speedos but as there is a lord (even though after Trump won I had to renegade my faith a bit) in heaven, here are some amazing screencaps of uber hottie in an all-American speedo. Baywatch we can't wait just to see this body in action!

Meanwhile, check him out in red briefs - not red speedos - below. And in a bee thong thing... after. so hot. so cute. watch it before someone takes it down!!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Antonio Sabato Jnr in speedos in If Looks Could Kill

Always wanted to see this movie. God he was so beautiful back then:

Just the speedo scenes at

Ronn Moss in Speedos in Bold and the Beautiful

God, I used to live for glimpses of hottie Ronn Moss in speedos in B&B! Here he is lounging in blue speedos in the pool... sigh..

Brandon Beemer in White Briefs.. Diaper?!

Now Brandon Beemer is one of the most gorgeous guys on tv... ever! But whoaa wtf on an outfit and bizarre premise. Still, so great to see him in littl' nothings  on TV:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TV Cutie in bulging boxers

God we used to crush on this hunk for years. still do.

Mark Wahlberg in his underwear

Mark Wahlberg in his underwear! so hot. still. forever. marky mark to us forever. those hot pant dropping days. just so many yessss-es

Sylvester Stallone in Speedos. When he was hot

whoaa. did we crush on him back in the day! sexy Sylvester Stallone in speedos. that body. and never shy of showing it off. you've seen his... er first movie?! cute. hot. fit.

Calvin Harris in blue speedos. Just yes.

never thought he was that hot, esp when dating tay tay, but now... yeah babe. that's one hella bulge. he looks gorgeous in the Armani pics too. hot pics of Calvin Harris in speedos. hoping for more. soon.

80s Hunk Steve Lyon Still Hot AF!

Model turned photographer Steve Lyon was my everything inthe 80s. Star of just a handful of films, he starred in many of my fantasies for decades. how awesome to find his recent pics and he's still hot as hell. aging beautifully. silver fox. hot as fk. and dayumn that body. DILF much?! so cute. so fit. love. love. love.